About Us

SM Embroidery was first created in 2013, which started off as a Cross stitch hobby. You might wonder what the SM stands for? It is shortened for Stitched Memories.

As popularity grew and more and more people wanted to buy my creations, I decided to see if I could find an embroidery machine that would be able to produce my creations quicker than hand stitching. 

I purchased an embroidery machine, and little did I know that the machine embroidery would take off so quick, sadly leaving the Cross Stitch behind. I purchased more machines to keep up with demand, and branched out to Heat Transfer Vinyl also. Shortly I will also be able to offer Sublimation Printing.

I can provide embroidery and print for everybody, from the small crafter to Corporate businesses and anyone inbetween. I look forward to working with you all.